International Medication Mail Order Program
Save up to 80% Off Retail Pharmacies

The prices about are MONTHLY so you can compare to your pharmacy.

Be sure to multiply by 3 and add $9.95 shipping (one shipping fee for ALL meds ordered at one time) to get the total charged for a 90 day supply. Inernational sources may ship in different quantities. We will help adapt your refills to accommodate different quantities.

Do You Take Generic Medications?

Price them here FIRST!

Check our discount generic prices here BEFORE requesting International Pricing.

Many generic medications are available through U.S. Retail Pharmacies at at large discount by using our CHMRx Retail Pharmacy Card. Our pricing tool allows you to see pricing at over 75,000 pharmacies throughout the country and our Mail Order pharmacy based in Canton, Ohio.

Some generics are still very expensive. Those are the ones you want to obtain pricing through our International Pharmacy.

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"My doctor gave me samples of a new medication, and I was so pleased with the outcome. He said it was pricey, however, when I went to the pharmacy, I nearly fell over when they told me the cost! I walked away without the medication, and felt defeated.

Luckily, my neighbor told me about the International Medication Program through Rx101. I am paying a mere fraction of what the pharmacy was charging. I love the convenience of having my medications shipped right to my door."

Doris M, Olmsted Falls, Ohio