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Our Most Popular Medications

These are MONTHLY prices for comparison purposes.

Be sure to multiply by 3 and add $9.95 shipping (one shipping fee for ALL meds ordered at one time) to get the total charged for a 90 day supply

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is legal to order medications from International pharmacies?

Americans are allowed to import up to a 3-month supply of each of their medications for personal use.

Is a prescription required?

Yes.  Just like your local drugstore, we require a valid prescription from a licensed physician.

What about the quality of the medications?

All of our medications are of the same quality, purity, and potency as those available in teh USA.  In fact, many of our medications are manufactured in the USA or produced by American companies in their International facilities.  Plus, all of the medications are government approved.

Are you licensed?

Yes.  All prescriptions are reviewed and filled by government licensed pharmacists and physicians. 

Can I save more money with generic drugs?

Yes.  Generic medications are of the exact same quality and potency as brand nmae drdugs, but cost less.  To maximize your savings, with your permission, we will substitute generic drugs where possible.

How do I get my refills?

Our free refill reminder service will email and call you about 6 weeks before your refill is due so that you can authorize your refill order.

Are there any duties, taxes or any hidden fees?

No.  Prescription medicines from International pharmacies are tax and duty free.  You pay only for your medicine and the shipping fee.

How much is shipping?

All your medications will be shipped to you for a flat rate per order of only $9.95 from our Canadian and our other International pharmacies.  Therefore, we suggest you order all your medications at the same time to save on shipping. Some countries do not include tracking services at no charge. We can discuss this with you at the time of your order.